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Moi | Moi n New Products 2023

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Moi | Moi n New Products 2023

Fair. Simmi's Simmi. 0. 5 Mbit Laitenetti 4 €/kk

Published 12/26/2023, 2:22:02 PM

Moi | Moi n New Products 2023

Fair. Simmi's Simmi.

  • 0. 5 Mbit




Unlimited 4G connection
for all devices.
  • Unlimited data

  • 0. 5 Mbit/s Download 5 Mbit/S Shipping

  • Works only in Finland

  • You can call the junction. Outgoing calls are blocked.

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  • 100 Mbit

Moi In the pot



Affordable endurance favorite,
with a price cutter.
  • 6 GB of shared data Moi Between your pot -connections

  • Additional Gigat 2 €/GB (up to +10 €/month)

  • 12 Gt EU-Ruamia / KK

  • Speech and SMS up to 4 €/month

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  • 200 Mbit

Unlimited 4g



Unlimited and fast.
So top -notch.
  • Unlimited data

  • 18 GT EU-Ruamia / KK

  • Speech and SMS up to 4 €/month

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  • 400 Mbit

  • 1000 Mbit

Over 5g



To use a cheaper 4G network,
If the 5G network is not available.
  • Unlimited data

  • 19-27 €/month online
    Depending on (4G vs 5g)

  • 25 Gt EU-Ruamia / KK

  • Speech and SMS up to 4 €/month

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Calls and texts in Finland and EU countries a maximum of 4 €/month.


You will pay € 0. 055/min or pcs for calls and texts, but you will never be more than 4 €/month.

* Moi n Calls and texts are among the most priced mobile services in Europe. Long live fairness. Does not apply to the device. See the Price List of the Laitenet.

Oh boy. It's fair.

Moi You don't pay for useless. The new subscriptions are freezing fast and you can choose the junction according to your needs. We take care of everything for you.

Replace Moi hin


Moi n subscriptions will not pay for useless. Moi In the Potti interface, an automatic price cutter will make sure that the bill does not get out of hand. Unlimited 4G is increasingly fast, but the price is not staggering. And in a good 5G subscription you pay for using a 5G network only on the 5G network.


Moi N is simple and easy. When you change your subscription Moi For, we take care of everything for you. My Moi -In the app you will always see what you spend money on, and billing is conveniently handled by a debit card. Perhaps that is why our customers are very pleased.


Moi You don't pay for useless. Instead of changes in fixed -term subscriptions and continuous prices Moi It is always just as inexpensive, everyone. So surfing, talking, streaming and social - both today and in the future. Fair, right?


Moi N as a customer you use DNA's high-speed and reliable 4G or 5G network. The network covers almost all of Finland and works for both phone and home equipment. Even the researched fast.

Study on mobile networks.

A study by Tuore Omnitele Oy compared mobile net speeds in the three largest operators in Finland (DNA, Elisa and Telia) in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku and Tampere. In the study of DNA's network that Moi The subscriptions used, reached the highest average charging rate.

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Unlimited 4G slope permanently.

Moi N Unlimited 4G subscription offers unlimited data at an affordable price. Joining handles all the communications and updates - and the price is dizzying in calls or texts. Test yourself yourself!

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How do I change my subscription.

Change of subscriptions in consideration? Compare the options, place your order and relax. We take care of everything for you.

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Subscriptions for the whole family.

Did you know that Moi is superior to families? The subscriptions can be modified in minutes to the needs of your own family. Refreshing of subscriptions or even a data arrest setting will take me Moi SSA at the turn of the hand.

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Experience Moi sta.

"The subscription has always worked without problems. "

Liisa, Vantaa

& nbsp; see full interview

"Teleworking works really well! "

Tuija, Hyvinkää

& nbsp; see full interview

“The fields have never disappeared. I have not regretted. "

Atte, Pornainen

& nbsp; see full interview

Internet home.

Is the 4G or 5G mobile lane a smart alternative to home internet connection?

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Everything can be changed to me Moi sta.

Be your own operator and manage your services. My Moi With you, you can order a new simm, reduce or expand your package and see how much every Simmi consumes. Download or use it with your browser.

Get to know my Moi hin

Moi Mobile

Check out the Turbo team and Moi n the story

A story and a team

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Business ID: 2758687-3

Will Moi

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