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By sharing discount codes and offers on the site you can make money easily and quickly. Couponizza offers the best discount codes and offers from online stores around the world. In addition, you can add your own discount codes and help others find the best deals. Join the Couponizza community today and start earning!

Couponizza - Make money by sharing promo codes and coupons!

By registering as a user on Couponizza, you can share your own promo codes and coupons with other users. You can also find new coupons and promo codes from the website's extensive selection. Couponizza's community helps you find the best deals and save money at various online stores.

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Thousands of companies in, so the selection is large.

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The site receives over 1,000 visitors per month who share their own coupons with other users.

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Couponizza has over 7,000 promo codes that help you save money on your purchases.

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In addition, you can take advantage of free search engine advertising, which helps you find the best deals and save even more.

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With Couponizza, you can earn money by sharing your promo codes. When someone uses your shared promo code, you receive a commission. This is a great way to earn money easily and quickly.

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1. Join Couponizza User

Join Couponizza and find companies that reward friends guiding friends. Find the best deals and discount codes in one place.

2. Find your offer code

Collect all your offer code for your Couponizza user profile. Read more about the reference process and how to earn prizes for every successful reference.

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Share your offer code to your friends and family members through Couponizza. When someone uses your code, you deserve prizes. Couponizza allows you to make money while helping others save in your purchases.

Looking for the best discounts and offers from online stores?

All services can be found in Couponizza. Couponizza is the world's largest promotional code community that offers a wide range of discount codes and promotions around the world. Here you will find the best offers from well -known online stores such as Amazon, Zalando and H&M and many others. Using Couponizza is easy and fast - find the desired offer code or offer and save money right away. Join the Couponizza community today and start saving money in your purchases!

How much money can I earn with a shipping code?

The shipping code allows you to make money easily and quickly. The earnings options vary depending on the online store and the campaign, but in general you can expect to earn about 5-10% of the total order. In some cases you can earn more or less. It is important to note that earnings can also change over time and may vary from campaign. Couponizza offers the best shipping codes and offers from online stores around the world, so you will definitely find the right campaign and you can start earning money right away. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the campaign before using the shipping code and start earning today!

How to share your shipment code?

You can easily share your shipment code with Couponizza. First you need to register as a Couponizza user and create a profile. Once you have done this, you can find the online store you want and its shipping code on the Couponizza site. You can share your shipping code to your friends and family members by sharing the code link on the Couponizza page. When someone uses your shipping code, you earn money based on how much they order from the online store. It is important to remember that sharing the shipping code is easy, but the user must first register and create a profile in couponizza. After that, you can start sharing the shipping code and make money while helping your friends and family members save money in their purchases.